Our Team

Our Team

We are proud of our creative team

What is your goal for your future, we also have the best program and the best team to get you there.

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Hamza Nawaz

CEO Creative Wizz

M Irfan Zafar

CEO Creative Wizz

Anthony P. Cornell

Web Designer

Louis N. Thompson

Marketing Analyst

What we do

We increase sales with home-grown leads & a natural sales process

At Creative Wizz, we help businesses grow their sales by generating high-quality, domestic leads and using a natural sales process.

Our tailored approach helps businesses build meaningful connections with their target audience and convert leads into loyal customers, increasing revenue and growth.

Let us help you achieve your sales goals.

Top Rated Company

We'll build you your very own lead
gen machine

Our Pricing

Quality services & great prices for your business

At Creative Wizz, we offer high quality services at competitive prices to help businesses achieve their goals and maximize their ROI. Trust us to provide innovative solutions that will help your business succeed and grow.







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